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About me

hey! i'm olivia
⤿ a pre-teen who likes photography, melanie ofc, and dogs!

can someone just ask for me to make a songGgGggg

Crybaby ™

omg i HavE noThinG elSe to Put heRe-

What I'm working on

Now playing: Numbers by Melanie Martinez
0:00 ━━━━ ● ━━━ 3:16

my stans:
⤿ ₘₑₗₐₙᵢₑ ₘₐᵣₜᵢₙₑz ₛₜₐₙ < ᴍᴏꜱᴛʟʏ
⤿ bᵢₗₗᵢₑ ₑᵢₗᵢₛₕ ₛₜₐₙ
⤿ ⱼₐzₘᵢₙ bₑₐₙ ₛₜₐₙ
⤿ ₐᵣᵢₐₙₐ gᵣₐₙdₑ ₛₜₐₙ
⤿ ₘₑₗₐₙᵢₑ ₛₜₐₙ ₐgₐᵢₙ ₗₒₗ

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What I've been doing


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