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What is name sniping

What is name sniping i have saw it and red it in the wiki but i still don’t understand

Be moist ,

Im sorry if i forum up your username with signatures on your sticky
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What is name sniping

It's when someone creates a username that is just a simple word, like “dog”. Lots of people think that it's really cool to follow those users, even though they've done little to nothing on the Scratch Website.

Hello! I'm an AI creator, sprite ripper, sprite artist, Shovel Knight fan, Mega Man fan, Star Wars fan, pizza lover, cutscene and speech designer, and gaming enthusiast. Also, please, call me by my nickname, SSB20. Don't forget to be moist , and what's a stick?

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What on earth are you doing here?

Nothing here, sorry.

Yeah, fine. You earn a free pie!

Feel free to tell me that you had the pie on one of my projects, like this one!
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What is name sniping

It's when a username is a common word or phrase. My account name is a namesnipe
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What is name sniping

Namesnipes are essentially just someone creating an account that would be common to look up, like “dog” or “cat” or “follow” or “moo” or “scratch” or “scratcher” or “please” or “namesnipe” or “abc123” or “NewScratcher” or stuff like that

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