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Extra Direction Blocks

This is just a couple extra blocks that could make programming a little easier.

Let's say I have 2 sprites, One is called ‘Player’ and the other is called ‘Ball’.
I'm thinking if you wanted ‘Ball’ to be thrown by ‘Player’ and the direction the ball goes would be influenced by the direction of ‘Player’

It would be a block like 'copy direction of ' in the motion category.

Another idea is to have direction have it's own variable block so it could fit in operator blocks like
<[] < []>

These are just some ideas of mine to give more options for coding.
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Extra Direction Blocks

I like that idea

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Extra Direction Blocks

i think you can use the “of” block close to the bottom of the sensing category to get what you want!

edit: by the way, you can put “direction” – or any round block (those are called reporters) – into input slots like in “<”! thats the handy thing about reporters. in the same way, its totally normal to mix any blocks of different categories together, as in what i mentioned above:

when I receive [throw v] // just for example!
point in direction ([direction v] of [Player v])

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Extra Direction Blocks

Do you mean that if the player is pointing at a 90' degree angle then the ball will point at a 90' degree angle? Or do you mean that depending where the player is on the map the ball will face that direction?

For the First one you would do
when green flag clicked
set [Player's Direction] to (direction)
for the player and
when I receive [Match Player's Direction]
point in direction (Player's Direction)
for the ball.

For the second one there is already a block for that:
point towards [Player]

Edit: Oh wait you definitely mean the First one.

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