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Enter Contests and Win PRIZES!!!

Hey guys! I have a contest and you guys can enter!!! Big prizes, and lots of fame! If you win you get prizes and shout out. I promise this will get some people on your profile and get you Hearts! Favorites! Followers! Views! and popularity! :-) You can share your contests here and tell people about them. Please don't share projects that don't have prizes, or are not a contest! Have fun and win some stuff!!!! :-)
Here is a contest with Big Prizes!!! https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/361038407/

If you are new to scratch this can help get some people on your account and maybe they will follow or check out your projects! :-) Good Luck :-)
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Enter Contests and Win PRIZES!!!

I'll move this over to the Show and Tell section for you - that's a better fit for this kind of topic

“New Scratchers” is for introducing new members of the community to Scratch and making them feel welcome.

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