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Save button?

I have read about this being a bug and feedback discussion page, so I am going to give some feedback.

Scratch definitely needs a save data button. We are all struggling with long data and putting it in our script, and it doesn't make Scratch really easier. I think that there should be something like this:

when green flag clicked
save all variables


when green flag clicked
Save (coins)
Save (time)
Save (score)

And not:

when this sprite clicked
set [ (checker)v] to [0]
repeat ((8) - (length of [score])
set [score v] to (join [0] [score]))


...and way, way longer than that. (Sorry if that script got bugs, I normally don't use this forum.)

[My point is that I think that this process should be able to be a lot easier, as I don't really understand any of the tutorials]
[I see on the internet. Does someone else agree? I'd love to hear your thoughts.]

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Save button?

Do you mean like make it so that variables are auto set to a default value when the
when green flag clicked
Is pressed?

Like what I'm envisioning is

when green flag clicked
set [foo v] to [x]

Having that would be equivalent to using a

when green flag clicked
load [foo v]
when I receive [thing v]
set [foo v] to [x]
save [foo v]

Am I reading your post wrong, because otherwise, support!

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Save button?

If I understood your post correctly, then this should already be possible using cloud variables.

when this sprite clicked
set [☁ score v] to [31]

when green flag clicked
if <(☁ score) = [31]> then // this variable will equal 31, since cloud variables are stored in Scratch's server
. . . :: grey

Cloud variables can only store numbers though.

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Save button?

I definatly support, I have been wanting to make a way to save, but Im to inexpirenced.

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