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"Stop" Block not working!

drmcw wrote:

1301353 wrote:

Heleeeeeeeeeeelp when i did

when this sprite clicked
switch backdrop to [ backdrop 3]
go to x: (221) y: (-5)
stop [ this script]

it didn't stop!!!
Read my post above yours. Every time you click the sprite the script will switch backdrop and go to 221,-5. The forever stop is pointless as that is the end of the script. The script is still there but not running…it is stopped. However as soon as you click the sprite it does run, that is what
when this sprite clicked
Then how will you fix “If this sprite Clicked” with stops? I'm very confused, but I know that the Events block will barely, or never be stopped, I don't know how to stop a If This Sprite Clicked one.
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"Stop" Block not working!

This is my Script But not stopping !!
when green flag clicked
move () steps
if <> then
stop [(this script)]

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