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2 forum bugs

If you are posting 2 different posts whichever one you post first will have some content from the other one
(I think this is a bug, but I might have just been stupid…)

it classes everything in square brackets as bbcode even if it isn't, I've used curly brackets to represent square brackets
we used to be able to do {offtopic} and {/offtopic} as a bit of a laugh when we rambled on about something random, but some people
i.e. me, use them to represent things like, {– bit that is not important to what I've said below –} when I was deleting bits of quotes that were
{offtopic} to the point I was making…
100+ posts

2 forum bugs

@the second bug: I almost fixed this, but then regex started hating me again and, in code tags, it still puts the [] in even though it's not needed

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