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This isn't a suggestion, but my survey's results might create more suggestions.

Research Survey
How Do Scratchers Research Projects On Scratch?

I am only showing the top-most answers. For the full results, read the project's comments. It is never too late to give your say!

1) When looking for projects of a SPECIFIC genre or type, e.g. tycoon, where are you most likely to look?
TOP ANSWER: Main Search Bar

2) When using the search bars for a SPECIFIC project genre or type, which filter do you use the most?
TOP ANSWER: Look at most relevant & Look in most viewed/loved.

3) When browsing, i.e. you don't know what project type you are looking for, where are you most likely to look?
TOP ANSWER: Main Search Bar
***There may have been confusion for this question, as I don't see how you can type an unknown type (i.e. “nothing”) into a search bar. The original wording of this question was: “When browsing for ANY project type, where are you most likely to look?” This may have caused some users to answer in the wrong way.

4) When using the categories on the explore page for an unknown project type, which do you use the most?
TOP ANSWER: Look in most viewed/ most loved.

5) When you want to remix something, how do you choose the project?
TOP ANSWER: Wait until you find the project that you want to remix.
***This question is here to see whether or not the “Most Remixed” filter is useful or not.

6) How often do you use the show and tell forums for finding projects?
TOP ANSWER: Less often than using other methods, such as the explore page and the search bar.
***How can we make the show and tell forums more attractive to users? Or is it a waste of space?

7) If you wanted feedback on your game, where would you most likely go to first?
TOP ANSWER: Show and tell (Project notes was one point behind)

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