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A few (Cloud) Variables Bugs/ Gliches

I opened my project, that was working well before (only the cloud variables didn't safe). When I played the project on the project page, I noticed it says “Pico is winning” although Scratch Cat had more points. So I wanted to see, why and I “saw inside”. This is what I saw then:

1.) I have 2 “Scratch Cat Points” and one “testx” Cloud Variables, although I deleted one of the “Scratch Cat Points” and the “testx” Cloud Variables before (I recreated “Scratch Cat Points” after that, so that's why there are two of these variables I think)
2.) The “Scratch Cat Points” are shown as a stage monitor, but they are not “checked”. When I try to “check” them (click onthe little boxes next to their names in the blocks-section), it won't do anything.
3.) The Cloud Variables wont save when I change them.

Also, the second “Scratch Cat Points” variable only shows for the last sprite, not for the others. They can also put/ de-put the variables on the stage on other sprites than the last sprite.

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A few (Cloud) Variables Bugs/ Gliches

i have the check bug with lists. When i want to hide them with the checkbox i have to make the box checked and move the list around. Then uncheck the box and the list is hidden. Maybe this will also work with variables. Or i use the “clear” block when the list is shown with an unchecked checkbox

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