This is not quite a glitch, but it is annoying and should be fixed.

In my weird advice generator, I'm trying to make a feature that allows the user to post to the server a combination that they find funny. There's a button that allows the user to play the last posted combination. Since the system that synchronizes the text with the sound almost completely numerically based, I don't have to use strings in the cloud variables. The problem? I have to set the cloud variables to values of other variables, and the cloud variables don't like that. I'm being notified that I can only use numbers in the cloud variables. I am using numbers and at first didn't understand why it was giving me the message, but I think it's because I'm using other variables instead of the plain numbers.

If that doesn't make sense, look inside this project.

I would appreciate it if the Scratch Team could implement a feature that would let you set the cloud variables to the value of already-existing variables. For now, could someone tell me a way to work around this?

EDIT: Never mind. It works now. My problem was the punctuation. I made an error in my programming that caused it to send the punctuation itself rather than the value representing it.


Closed by request.