My browser / operating system: Windows NT 10.0, Chrome 80.0.3987.149, Flash 32.0 (release 0)

Ummm… so… when I use the eraser tool when painting in my projects, it glitches. As in,
*Oh it made my whole costume disappear?!*
*It filled my whole costume with white?!*

I don't know what is wrong really, so now I can't make any drawings

If anyone knows why this is happening, please tell me! Thanks!


I'm having the same problem. the erasing tool is crazy it tries to close blank spaces or something. if anyone knows a solution, please reply! Thanks


You're probably using the eraser tool for vector drawings, right? If so, this isn't really a glitch. The eraser isn't erasing what you've drawn, but rather the points in the vector. Then, you see the resulting shape without the point(s) that you've erased. However, the erasing can be erratic sometimes. I'm pretty sure all you can do is wait for the scratch team to fix anything wrong.


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