I'm trying to get Lego Boost (Scratch 3.0) working with a Chromebook.

I've got Scratch 3.0 installed and I can create a project and add the Lego Boost extension. When I add the extension the Lego Boost dialog comes up asking to search for the device. I click the “Start Searching” button and then push the green button on the device. However, no device is found.

I'm guessing it may have to do with the location service. The Scratch boost web page states “In addition to granting the Scratch App permission to access location, location must be enabled in your general device settings. Search for ‘Location’ in your settings, and make sure it is on. On Chromebooks search for ‘Location’ in the Google Play Store Android preferences.”

I've granted the Scratch App permission to access location but I can not figure out how to enable it my general settings. A location setting does not exist in my general settings. Can someone explain to me what the statement “search for ‘Location’ in the Google Play Store Android preferences” and how to go about doing it? I've tried googling it with no luck. I did go to the Google Play Store and search for ‘Location’ and various apps are found. However, not sure if that is what is meant by “search for ‘Location’ in the Google Play Store Android preferences”

BTW, I was able to install S2Bot onto the Chromebook and it finds and connects to the Lego Boost hub. I'm also able to run S2Bot tests successfully.



Additional information.

I think I now understand the “On Chromebooks search for ‘Location’ in the Google Play Store Android preferences.”

I go to Settings -> Apps -> Google Play Store -> Manage Andriod Preferences -> Location.

I turn this on.

On this page, under ”Recent location requests“, ”Google Play services“ becomes active. However, if I close this Location” page the location service reverts back to off. Also if I select “Google Play services” and go to “Permissions” the Location service is turned off. If I try to turn it on from there then I get “Google Play services is a provider of location services for this device. Location access can be modified from location settings.” Which is back to the “Location” page and things are turned off.

Any suggestions on how to get location services turned on?


It turns out that when the Chrome OS was set up the location service was deactivated and if that is done then it is not possible to activate it later. At least I could not figure it out. So I powerwashed the Chromebook and set it up with location activated and it works. Hey!!!


Speaking of connecting Lego Boost to Scratch, I am having trouble doing that. I have downloaded Scratch Link, enabled Bluetooth, and added the Lego Boost extension to connect my Move Hub to Scratch, but Scratch can't find it. It does say to press the green button on the Move Hub, but when I do that, the screen tells me instructions. Can somebody give me a possible solution?