One time Scratch was down, I used uploads and later on I checked and it worked!


Actually, as it turns out, there are a lot more differences then Kenny2Scratch noticed! Some of these changes are because of 3.0 However, which I do recognize this topic was made before before 3.0

The differences I've found so far are:
The Error Pages:

Upload's 500 page, and Normal 500 page.

Upload's 404 page, and Normal 404 page.
The About pages:

Upload's about page, and Normal about page.

Upload's for parents page, and Normal for parents page.

Upload's for educators page, and Normal for educators page.

Upload's developers page (doesn't exist), and Normal developers page.

Upload's credit page (/info/credits), and Normal credits page. (/credits)

Upload's job page, and Normal jobs page.

There is no difference between the press page.
The Community Pages:
Upload's community guidelines page, and Normal community guidelines page.

There is no difference between the Discuss page, the Wiki page, and the Statistics page.
The Support Pages:

Upload doesn't have an idea page, an FAQ page, nor a store page.

Upload's download page. (/scratch2download), and Normal download page.(/download)

Upload's Contact page, and Normal's Contact page.

The Donate page is exactly the same.
The Legal Pages:

Upload's TOU page, and Normal TOU page.

Upload's Privacy Policy page, and Normal Privacy Policy page.

Upload's DMCA page, and Normal DMCA page.
Family pages:
There are no differences here, except for the fact that in upload, the conference page redirects to the 500 page.
Miscellaneous pages:
The messages page, the editor, the explore, the ideas, the home page, and the search page do not exist.

When Seeing inside or going to a project page, (through mystuff) the “uploads.” part of the link dissapears, This does not apply to studios as they are the exact same.

When pressing “all x replies” on a comment string, it is slightly choppier on the uploads site.

That's about it for now, if I find any more, I will edit this post.
and yes, I posted this on the uploads site


Yeah, I noticed that too!


Beamy68 wrote:

Some of these changes are because of 3.0
Scratch that (), all of the page differences are because of 3.0 - I imagine that anything that still has the old 2.0 header (thinner, darker blue/purple) will be identical on the uploads site; whereas for anything that was changed, we can see the original 2.0 version on uploads.