Scratch Credits and Contributors

MIT Scratch Team

Scratch is designed and developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT Media Lab:

Mitchel Resnick
Natalie Rusk
Sayamindu Dasgupta
Ricarose Roque
Ray Schamp
Eric Schilling
Chris Willis-Ford
Carl Bowman
Matthew Taylor
Kasia Chmielinski
Tim Mickel
Saskia Leggett
Christan Balch
Andrew Sliwinski
Ben Berg
Carmelo Presicce
Moran Tsur
Juanita Buitrago
Shruti Mohnot

The team of Scratch moderators manages, supports, and improves the Scratch online community:

Mark Goff
Franchette Viloria
Sarah Otts
Jolie Castellucci
Andrea Saxman
Dalton Miner
Megan Haddadi
Christina Huang
Annie Whitehouse

Previous MIT Scratch Team Members

Many important contributions have been made by previous Scratch Team members, including John Maloney (who led software development for the first decade of Scratch), Andrés Monroy-Hernández (who led the development of the first Scratch community website), Amos Blanton, Champika Fernando, Shane Clements, Abdulrahman idlbi, Evelyn Eastmond, Amon Millner, Eric Rosenbaum, Jay Silver, Karen Brennan, Leo Burd, Oren Zuckerman, Gaia Carini, Michelle Chung, Margarita Dekoli, Dave Feinberg, Chris Graves, Tony Hwang, Di Liu, Tammy Stern, Lis Sylvan, and Claudia Urrea.

Design and Development Partners

Paula Bontá and Brian Silverman, Playful Invention Company (who started contributing to the design of Scratch even before it was called Scratch).

Scratch Researchers

Research on Scratch is being conducted by members of the MIT Scratch Team and researchers at other universities, including Yasmin Kafai (who collaborated on the initial NSF Scratch grant) at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, Karen Brennan (who leads the ScratchEd project) at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Benjamin Mako Hill at the University of Washington, Andrés Monroy Hernández at Microsoft Research, Mimi Ito and Crystle Martin at the University of California, Irvine, Quinn Burke at College of Charleston, Deborah Fields at Utah State University, and Kylie Peppler at Indiana University.


The following people have also contributed to the development and support of Scratch over the years: Susan Abend, Robbie Berg, Lauren Bessen, Keith Braadfladt, Susan Carillo, Will Denton, Nathan Dinsmore, Catherine Feldman, Jodi Finch, Ioana Fineberg, Rachel Garber, Chris Garrity, Cassy Gibbs, Brian Harvey, Roland Hebert, Tracy Ho, Benjamin Howe, Kapaya Katongo, Evan Karatzas, Christine Kim, Joren Lauwers, Mike Lee, Jeff Lieberman, Mark Loughridge, Kelly Liu, Anthony Lu, Danny Lutz, David Malan, Wayne Marshall, John McIntosh, Paul Medlock-Walton, Dongfang (Tian) Mi, Ximena Miranda, Jens Moenig, Evan Moore, Geetha Narayanan, Kate Nazemi, Liddy Nevile, Wing Ngan, Derek O'Connell, Tim Radvan, Karen Randall, Ian Reynolds, Miriam Ruiz, Chinua Shaw, Ed Shems, Cynthia Solomon, Daniel Strimpel, Kilmer Sweazy, John Henry Thompson, Ubong Ukoh, Vladimir Vuksan, Han Xu, and the many volunteer Scratch Translators from around the world.

We greatly appreciate all of the contributions by members of the worldwide Scratch community, who have shaped the direction of Scratch by sharing their projects, comments, and ideas.

The ideas of Seymour Papert and Alan Kay have deeply inspired and influenced our work on Scratch.

Supporting Organizations

The following organizations have provided major financial support for Scratch:
National Science Foundation, Scratch Foundation, Google, LEGO Foundation, Intel Foundation, MacArthur Foundation.

The following organizations donate their services to help keep the Scratch project running:
Advanced Installer, Amazon Web Services, Codetree, Fastly, Geckoboard, Github, Inversoft, MailChimp, Mandrill, New Relic, PagerDuty, Rally, SauceLabs, Screenhero, Sentry, and Tower

Scratch would not be possible without free and open source software, including:
Celery, Debian, Django, DjangoBB, Docker, Elasticsearch, Ganglia, Gunicorn, Jenkins, Linux, Memcached, MediaWiki, MySQL, Nagios, Nginx, Node.js, phpMyAdmin, Pootle, PostgreSQL, Python, RabbitMQ, Redis, SaltStack, StatsD, Squeak, Ubuntu, and Varnish.