Hi folks!

Since the launch of Scratch 3.0 we have been working on bug fixes and updates based on your feedback. One thing we heard a lot of feedback on has been the Scratch sound editor and today we are excited to share an updated version!

- - - -

So, what’s new?

Editing Portions of a Sound File
You can now select and edit portions of a sound. You can apply effects (such as faster, slower, etc.) to the selected portions.

Copy, Paste, and Delete
You can now copy, paste, and delete selected portions of a sound file. If you want to copy a specific part of a sound and paste it into a different sound file, now you can!

Copy to New
When you select a portion of a sound file, you can use the “Copy to new” button to create a new sound file with the portion of the sound you have selected.

New Effects
We’ve added some new effects you can use on all or portions of your sounds. These new effects include mute, fade in, and fade out.

Keyboard Shortcuts
You can now use keyboard shortcuts within the sound editor:

Copy = “Ctrl/Command” + “c”
Paste = “Ctrl/Command” + “v”
Select All = “Ctrl/Command” + “a”
Undo = “Ctrl/Command” + “z”
Start sound = “Space”
Delete = “Backspace/Delete”
Delete everything but the selection = “Shift” + “Backspace/Delete”

We want to thank the entire Scratch community for all of your feedback. Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

Scratch On!


The Mayor approves.


Sweet! Thanks for the new update!

Kinda interesting that the first 3 Scratchers that posted, posted in the same minute.


Also, yes! More improvement!
add [Sonic 1] to [Game Remakes v]


Awesome! Thanks for this Scratch Team!


Great! Thanks Scratch Team!!


Nice Update. Can't wait for more in the future!

However, the echo effect was removed, so it would be nice to add it back, but you can still make the echo sound effect by: exporting your audio file, then open the offline editor, then import the audio file, and then do the echo, then export the file again, then import the audio file on the online editor. hope i helped,


The developers did some very nice work!


Yay! Now we have an improved sound editor!


Thank you Scratch Team!


So happy! Thank you all! <3


you are doing a good job


Awesome! Thank you ST!!!


Discovered this recently. It's a good thing this has been re-added, as I was getting slightly ticked off with having to transport everything to the Scratch 2.0 offline editor before moving it back onto the site. At least the workaround worked while it was necessary.
Thank you for re-adding this. Might I ask why it was removed/excluded in the first place?



I was working on a project and some codes weren't running even though they clearly should, and then my stuff started glitching and I guess it was because an update was coming out XD I also noticed you updated the comments, and now you don't have to delete the words “Say something…” That's awesome!


Keep on working on updates!
Those Are already good updates


Hi, I partly dislike that the echo effect was removed. Can echo be added back? Thanks!


i approve, thank you very much sir.


Wow, just like 2.0 but better :3

I hope that this will make people happy about the sound editor!